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Let's talk about your emotional health

Pregnancy can be stressful, isolating, and overwhelming, with changes to your body and mind all at once.

At Eeva, we bring together small groups of expectant moms in live sessions. Guided by a midwife. Designed by prenatal experts to reduce stress, lower risk of depression & anxiety, and equip you for a healthier pregnancy.

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* Adding three new Pregnancy groups in January

Hands Up

Can you spend 60-mins a week on yourself?

Find support, connection, and advice from your tribe

Weekly support sessions with your group of expectant moms

Meet weekly for video sessions with 8 other expectant moms, who truly get you. Get below the surface and process your real emotions. Find your safe space, no judgment. 

Sessions guided by expert group facilitator & midwife

Our facilitators have decades of experience in running pregnancy groups at leading institutions, and are licensed nurse-midwives. We hand-pick only the best facilitators (<3% acceptance)

24/7 text access between sessions

Your group & facilitator stay with you through the week- joys, fears, anxieties, or everyday questions. Find practical guidance to navigate this life transition. 

Cheerful Pregnant

Your emotional health is as important as your prenatal vitamins.

* Adding three new Pregnancy groups in January

Pregnant Woman in Nature

What we hear from Eeva moms

I plan on my way back from work every Tuesday - for the opening prompt about my 'emotion for this week'. I've come to rely on these weekly group sessions and look forward to meeting the group. I know I have this time set aside to reflect, take stock, process and plan. 

Alexa M.

Group support for expectant moms, designed by prenatal experts

Weekly video sessions in small groups, designed for emotional health, support & connection

Midwife & expert pregnancy group facilitator for guidance & practical advice 

Evidence-based tools for improved emotional health

* Adding three new Pregnancy groups in January

We care, because we've been there

Eeva is building the first specialized support system for pregnant women, putting their emotional well-being at the center of the perinatal conversation.

Our team brings together decades of expertise in midwifery, psychology, and community building. We have lived experience with perinatal and fertility challenges, and understand the isolation and emotional strain they can bring. Eeva is the safe, secure, and meaningful space we wish we had for our journeys. We want to make this support accessible and affordable to every pregnant woman.

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Surabhi Bhandari

Women's health innovator

Community building expert

Harvard, ex-McKinsey

Meg ellipse.png

Meg Bower


Expert pregnancy group facilitator

15+ years experience in care delivery

Questions you asked us

  • What's a typical profile of a facilitator for the group sessions?
    Eeva facilitators are qualified and experienced as nurse-midwives and pregnancy group facilitators. Meg Bower has over 15 years of work as a nurse-midwife with home, hospital and high-risk experience in providing care for women from preconception, through prenatal, delivery, postpartum and family planning. She has facilitated Centering pregnancy groups, as well as created and facilitated a doula training program. Laura Todaro is an RN, Certified Nurse Midwife and Perinatal Mental Health Specialist. She has worked as a doula, childbirth educator and new parent support group facilitator. After giving birth to her two children, she pursued her dream to become a midwife, went to nursing school then received her Master's from UCSF in Midwifery and Women's Health in 2014. Since then she has worked in a variety of settings providing prenatal, gynecological, labor and delivery and postpartum care. She is passionate about Perinatal Mental Health and feels it is essential to create community among expectant parents in order to improve the experience of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period and to support their mental health during this transformative time.
  • What will this cost me? Can I try a group session first?
    We understand that it's hard to imagine what an Eeva session is like, without experiencing it. And so we make it easy for you. Try 14 days of Eeva free. We ask for no commitment, except that you show up. Meet your group, experience an Eeva session, and then decide if this is for you. If you choose to go ahead, you'll be charged $9.99 per week.
  • How do I know if I am a good fit for the Eeva groups?
    You know you are good fit for Eeva if you are pregnant, you are looking to connect with others and are able to be open and curious in your conversations with your group.
  • What kind of continuous support can I expect in between two video sessions?
    You will have full access to the community with folks just like you throughout the full journey. In addition, you'll be able to send and receive unlimited text messages with our expert facilitators to share and discuss any issues that come up between sessions.
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